Block, Mute, and Delete

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

By Miyabi Kadowaki


To all the social media posts, and accounts that makes you feel insecure or even make you think you are not good enough about your body, BLOCK, MUTE, and DELETE.


The importance of body positivity has been emphasized everywhere in society recently, however, the body-shaming has not stopped. We are more insecure than ever as the great presence of social media in our lives makes it impossible to not compare with others. Girls especially, struggle to learn to accept their bodies, and quite frankly, the current “body ideals” are unrealistic. The models you see on Instagram work on their bodies every single day and it is their job to look “perfect”. However, most of us don’t have the luxury to focus solely on our bodies every day. Our priorities are to go to school and study, not to be fatless. There are so many more important things to focus on than having a small waist but a big butt.


History of Body Positivity

The concept of body positivity first emerged in the 1960s when the fat acceptance movement occurred. Fat acceptance movement focused on ending fat-shaming and the discrimination of people based upon their body weight. Body positivity in its current form started in 2012, where there was an emphasis on all bodies being beautiful. Body positivity is about accepting your natural body as it is despite any flaws. Many brands have incorporated models of all shapes and sizes into their campaigns to further promote body positivity.


How Do I Learn to Accept Myself?

I have had a complicated relationship with my body. I have had a past of binge-eating and starvation which are both extremely unhealthy. I was so insecure with my body that I wore baggy clothes that covered my whole body even in the scorching summers. It wasn’t till freshman year summer that I finally felt comfortable in my body. I realized that I had to love myself and embrace my body. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, sure everyone has “flaws” but that’s what makes all of us unique. My body confidence didn’t just come overnight. First, I stopped hiding behind my clothes and accepted that this is my body. Then I started realizing the positive things about my body. I started buying clothes I had always wanted to wear and I felt so good. This invisible pressure of unrealistic ideals that was pushing me down was finally gone. As soon as I accepted my body, I became motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. I started working out and eating healthier.  I had attempted to diet and exercise so many times before in the past, but it never worked because I had unrealistic goals for myself and I ended up giving up. Ironically, I was able to become the best version of myself as soon as I accepted my body and appreciated it for what it is. As soon as I respected my body, working out and eating healthy didn’t feel forced. I exercised to make my body stronger and more toned and I ate healthy to fuel my body.



I could go on for hours about my journey but if you can take away one thing from this, know that you’re beautiful just the way you are. Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on yourself.


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