About The Formula

Exclusive magazine designed just for teenagers to relate and discuss the problems that we all face.

Our online magazine "The Formula" was founded by Victoria Kim, who is a current high-school student, with her teammates who are also current high-school student. Founded in 2020, our magazine provides safe, included community for teenagers all around the world. Our magazine publishes topics such as; Trends, Social Issues, Entertainment, Beauty/Wellness, and School. 

What we are today

Our team and guest writers have written articles that embraces current events to provide more information for high-school students. We published articles about struggles that us, teenagers face, such as, mental health, identities, and beauty standards.


Some questions that you might have...

Being a part of our team?

If you are very passionate about a certain thing, and are willing to commit fully on this magazine, please email @theformula00@gmail.com.  

Please specify your name, school, and your grade when you contact us. You should be a high school student to be a part of our team.

Write an article?

Yes, you are more than welcome to write an article for one of our pages! Contact us, @theformula00@gmail.com providing your interest, passion and about your article. Once our team approves, we would be more than willing to publish your article! 

You do not have to be a high school student to publish an article.

What positions are we looking for in our team?

We are currently looking for a writer, photoshop editor, and proof reader. If you are interested in any of the position or other that are not listed, please contact us.

Contact us for the questions that we have not answered on the FAQ page.